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Security labels

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Security labels propose you various solutions to prevent counterfeit, to guarantee the authenticity of products and to protect the integrity of products and of the production chain.

Gravic transforms and personalizes security materials proposed by its partners or designs product s accordingly to the demand. Depending on the demanded level of security, Gravic offers you the product that is the most adapted to your needs.

VOID labels / Inviolability / Customized VOID labels

Security system VOID proves effectively if an attempt has been made to remove or to rip off the security label. As the VOID label is removed or the adhesive is damaged, an inscription appears on the support.

That can either be the word VOID, a chess-board pattern or any inscription that you choose and that Gravic customizes for you.

Destructible and ultra-destructible

The so-called destructible or ultra-destructible labels are ideal if you wish to avoid the label being removed and transferred to another support. It is impossible to remove this kind of security label in one piece with no damage done, because it is decomposes into tiny fragments.

Anti-fraud seals

Seals permit to close a package with the guarantee of any attempt at opening being detected.