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Braille labels

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Braille labels contain printing in relief (raised print) or braille-embossed characters, destined mostly for the visually impaired

We propose you several solutions for your braille labels:

Printing texts in Braille-alphabet:

By printing on a layer of varnish textured in relief or by embossing the material of the label, we manufacture your braille labels guaranteeing the regulatory finishing of minimum 200 microns.

Printing regulatory pictograms in braille:

According to the EN 272 European law, it is now obligatory to identify all dangerous products by a tactile pictogram in relief in the form of a triangle in order to let danger be detected via touching.

In the domain of pharmaceutics, cosmetics or chemical products, it is indispensable to identify the dangerousness of the products in braille.

Gravic offers you the best technical solutions, standard or made to measure braille labels.

Printing varnish over a printed identification label:

In order to facilitate the transmission of information to all, we can propose you the combination of visual (printed) and tactile (braille) information on the same label. This solutions economizes space and remains suitable to the visually impaired too.

Our solution of printing (with rotary silk screening) on a layer of varnish textured in relief is very economical when it comes to great quantities of labels.