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We propose you the most adequate solution, depending on the selected material and the quantity to be produced, from prototype to large-scale.

Digital cutting is perfectly suitable for manufacturing prototypes or small-volume runs. This kind of cutting is carried out by a plotter, equipped with a computercontrolled blade.

This process offers great flexibility and low fixed costs.
Standard tolerances on dimensions is +/- 0,15mm

Laser cutting is a cost effective solution without tool, low to medium volume production and with capabilities of cutting up to 0,5mm thick substrates.

Standard tolerances on dimensions is +/- 0,3mm

Digital milling is a complementary solution to laser cutting when the material is too thick or not compatible.

Flat bed dies are used for small and medium scale production, for all kinds of flexible materials up to 5 mm.

Standard tolerances on dimensions is +/- 0,3mm

Rotary or semi-rotary tools are used for medium- and large-scale production on thin materials. They can be made up of magnetic cylinders on which the engraved cutting plates (dies) are fixed or of cylinders that are themselves engraved in the form that is to be cut. They can be equipped with an air-based ejection system in order to avoid manual sorting. These tools work with a cutting precision of 0,1 mm and have a considerable life expectancy. The elevated cost of these tools destines them for large-scale production.

Punching tools are used for large-scale production and also for cutting thick and hard materials. This is the preferred technology when we require very tight tolerances.

Standard tolerances on dimensions is +/- 0,05mm