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UL labels

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UL certification (Underwriters Laboratories)  is mandatory when exporting electronic products from a country to the North American market.

The UL labels provides to the users of our products a guarantee of security, in accordance with the “Marking and labeling systems – UL 969” norm.

A label is UL-certified if:

  • it is adhesived and used as a plate or front panel (not removable without destruction),
  • it carries a piece of information (identification) or an instruction,
  • its construction is in accordance with the ANSI/UL 969 norm

Gravic transforms and personalizes UL labels with materials proposed by its partners or designs and makes the required UL label. Accordingly to the requested level of requirement, Gravic proposes you the product that is the most adapted to your needs.

Gravic is accredited for the following UL certifications:


  • PGGU2: Approved transfer adhesive (material certified by our suppliers).


  • PGDQ2: Printed UL label onto which the client cannot add any technical information (by thermal, matrix or laser transfer printing).
  • PGJI2: Printed (or blank) UL labels onto which the client can add technical information, principally by thermal transfer printing.

(valid for each fabrication site)

  • PGAA: Authorization to print a “UL Mark” logo on “cULus”, “UL”, “Ullisted” and “classifiedUL” labels
  • TEOU2: Authorization to repackage UL materials and to guarantee UL traceability (PGGU2, PGJI2, UL V0 etc.).