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Dear Partners!

The past period in the life of Gravic Group was one of the busiest in 2017. The new production plant of Gravic Hungary finally opened. The 1.3 million Euro investment has opened the door for installation of the latest printing technologies and created 10 additional open positions.

Gravic participated in Label Expo Europe, the leading label and packaging printing event across the continent with major manufacturers and industrial players presenting the latest technological developments in one location.

Gravic Group also had a successful exhibition at Automotive Hungary 2017. Since throughout the past years, Gravic Group has gained expertise in the fields of light transmittance and technical cutting, the company is one of the first to be consulted when it comes to such projects and gained the right to exhibit in such respected event.In the following section, by the apropos of such events, we would like to seize the opportunity and introduce you some parts our product portfolioin detail, related to automotive industry.

Light diffusers

Backlight filters manage the diffusion of light. They provide several functions: give a specific colour to a standard LCD display, manage light diffusion through a display, homogenize back-lighting by LED. Gravic prints, stamps and cuts its backlight filters.

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Silk screen printed dashboards require the mastery of all printing parameters: opacity, transmission, light and shade. Our procedure of manufacture allows us to present the product in rolls, depending on the volume. Selective (applied only to certain parts) adhesives can be silk screen printed, thus being the most competitive of their kind on the market. Adjustment (spotting by camera) between printing and cut guarantees the exact matching in size that is required by the automotive sector.


Thermal interface materials

They are destined to facilitate the transfer of the heat and solve your issues with heat spreading or dissipation of your electronic devices. We are specialized to cut these very technical materials to size and offer all common kind of materials available on the market like: silicon and acrylic pads, graphite pads and thermal conductive adhesives.

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Last but not the least, Gravic would like to thank you for taking your time visiting our booth in Automotive Hungary or for the meeting in Label Expo Europe. It was equally an honour and a fine opportunity to meet you and have many inspiring consultations. Your excitement towards our products exceeded all our expectations. We look forward to the fruitful cooperation!

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Dear Partners!
We are celebrating our
50th anniversary this year!
Today we have started to send you our newsletters to keep you
inform about our company’s life and share with you the actuals.
How did Gravic grow from a small French-based company into an international group that provides products for labelling and identification needs all over Europe ?

In 1965, Gerard Jacquemin worked in the flower wholesales market in Nice, on the French Riviera. During a summertime in Germany, he found a job in a metal plate printing company. Back to France, he had the premonition that there would be a growing need for identification solutions in metal and plastic plates for electronic industries and machines manufacturers. He started to study the printing and etching processes like silkscreen, offset and chemical engraving and circuit boards production.

The name Gravic came naturally from “Chimical engraving” : Gravure Chimique in French.

It’s all where it started, with one first employee in the cellar of a little house in Antibes. Very soon Gravic developed a very close partnership with industrial companies like Legrand and Telemecanique (previous names of Schneider Electric). Gravic became IBM France official supplier for labels and identifications solutions and started to serve many customers from a wide range of industries.

1979 Gravic moved from Antibes to Mouans Sartoux, located near Grasse, the world capital of perfume.  

1986 With the rise of mass consumption needs, Gerard Jacquemin create a sister company named Gravic Roll, specialized in roll to roll  label printing for high volume market.

1992 Patrice and Olivier Jacquemin joined the company after finishing their Masters' studies in the US. They started as quality managers to achieve the ISO 9001 certification for both companies.

1994 Gravic became the first Small and middle-sized French company to obtain ISO 9001 certification. In order to export our products in the US and Canada, we obtained the UL/CSA certification.

1997 Patrice and Oliver made a LBO to buy the two companies to their father, who retired from operational business. At this time, Gravic became a major supplier in the mobile phones business, serving companies like Sagem, Alcatel and Nokia. For example, in a Sagem mobile phone, Gravic supplied more than 16 differents parts, like foam gaskets, ear mesh filters, die-cutted adhesives, protections foils, antenna front panels, battery covering labels, etc…

1999 With the increasing price pressure and competition, Gravic developed a close partnership with a Tunisian company called Tunitec.

2005 Many historical customers like Hewlett Packard, IBM, had implemented new production sites in Central Europe. So, with the objective to increase partnership with this major groups and develop new markets in electronic fields, Gravic settle a plant in Debrecen, HUNGARY. The second city from Hungary is a strategical location to provide countries like Germany, Italy and Central Europe markets.

2008 Fusion of Gravic France and Gravic Roll to become Gravic Europe.

2013 Tunitec entered the Gravic Group. These facilities enable us to serve locally and globally our major customers all over Europe, with optimized production cost. Our vision is to keep a family mindset company, to offer the best services and flexibility combined with the most technical and innovative solutions to our customers. Internally, we have always fortified faithfulness and loyalty with our employees, encouraging internal promotion within the 3 entities of the group. The health and well-being of our colleagues is a priority to us. Business ethic and human values is our commitment, and environment responsibility remain an everyday concern. Strategy for the next year is to reduce lead-time and offer more flexibility to our clients, to continue to offer innovative solutions in various segments like automotive heat and electrical, electronics , cosmetic, medical and transports.

Gravic is always in quest of the most challenging recognitions.

We are proud that our valuable customers have maintained, all over these exiting 50 years,
their trust to develop this close and constructive partnership. And we are very thankful
to our inspired and motivated team who are the biggest assets of this group.

Best regards:

Patrice Jacquemin

Olivier Jacquemin